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This week, I’m completely geeked to be attending Michigan’s Rural Library Conference on Mackinac Island. This conference occurs every other year and the last time I attended was in 2012, as a library student — this year, I’m attending as a library director.

Yesterday was a day full of travel and long delays due to gale winds and icy water conditions which caused ferry departures to run behind. It was quite the adventure!

hermionish.rlc2014b hermionish.rlc2014aToday I’ll be attending (and volunteering as a room hostess) at the following sessions:

Community Engagement: Community Collaboration and the Rebirth of the Addison Township Public Library
The Addison Township Public Library recently underwent a much needed move and renovation. Hear about the steps that were taken to generate community interest, support and action. Addison Township found renewal in the power of volunteers working together.

The Education Connection: How Your Library Can Meet the Needs of the Homeschoolers in Your
Often we think of homeschooling families as self-directed and knowledgeable about their information needs. Sometimes this is the case, but if we want to serve the population well, we have to have (or be able to provide access to) the resources they need. This program describes the various styles of homeschooling, what their information needs are, and how your library can be proactive in meeting their unique needs.

After Halo: Programming that Tween and Teen Boys Will Attend
How do you get to know your tween and teen male patrons? What are some ideas for creating gender neutral programs? Use these to keep boys coming to your programs while not excluding girls. Learn how you can collaborate with groups that interest boys to build the relationships and offer programming to attract those teen and tween boys to the library.