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Conference badgeAs I’ve previously mentioned, the Loleta Fyan Small and Rural Libraries Conference (RLC, for short) was held on Mackinac Island, at Grand Hotel, this year. The conference convenes every other year — with the last time being in 2012.

In 2012, I attended as a MLIS-candidate aka library student. Because I was not affiliated with an organization, I registered as early as possible and made my room reservations; however, this time around, I was interviewing for my position as a library director and then brand new on the job. While attending RLC was definitely broached at my interview, it was only an interview and I much preferred to have a second conversation on the subject — at the next library board meeting.

So…with that said, I waited until nearly the deadline to register and reserve my room — something I nearly never do — and discovered that the procrastination lead to Grand Hotel being booked solid. After a few moments of panic — it’s pre-season on Mackinac Island and much of the island is still shuttered from winter — I found a couple of hotels which remain open year-round.

The Pontiac Lodge looked to be the closest to Grand Hotel which would allow me to walk versus taking a taxi — a horse-drawn carriage — thus saving myself as well as my library some money.

Map from Pontiac Lodge to Grand Hotel - .5 milesI booked my room and realized that my colleagues will have their luggage directly delivered to their hotel from Shepler’s Ferry. Getting my luggage to the hotel from the dock wouldn’t be an issue because they are practically right across the street from each other; however, considering that the conference starts at 12:00p on Wednesday and check-in isn’t until 3:00p…

What was I supposed to do with my luggage?

I contacted the Pontiac Lodge and they were more than happy to hold my luggage until check-in…and hold it on Friday, after check-out, until the conference wrapped up and I was making my way to the ferry for departure.


Now what about all of the ice I kept hearing about?

The ferry schedule was suspended due to issues with ice. I knew that when operations began again, the ferry would be swamped with people which prompted me to reserve my room from a day earlier than the conference, in hopes of beating the rush plus it would eliminate the need for the hotel to hold my luggage.


My room was über comfortable, not mention very pretty… Highly recommend.

View of the nautical-themed room done in blueEach morning, I left a bit early for the walk up to Grand Hotel for the purpose of taking pictures of my morning “commute”…

View of Hoban Street and conference attendees walking towards Grand Hotel

Wednesday’s commute! I walked to Grand Hotel with folks who just got off the morning ferry.

Iron gate hermionish.rlc2014.commute7Little Stone Churchhermionish.rlc2014.commute3hermionish.rlc2014.commute4