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I’m sitting in a small restaurant eating lunch and reading the book Nest by Esther Ehrlich during my lunch hour.

imageI happened upon this quote — so powerful, deep, and full of feeling:

When I flip over, the chlorine burns my eyes, but I like the way everything looks fuzzy and green. I surface – dive down, down, down. With my belly on the bottom of the pool, I’m a beautiful mermaid. I take my hair out of its ponytail and put the elastic on my wrist. I swim around with my long, flowy hair and slithery body. Tiny bubbles float off my skin. The golden hair on my arms wave around. A mermaid never needs to come up for air. She opens her mouth and tasty minnows drift in. She drinks seawater. She swims for as long as she wants, and no one sees her unless she wants them to. No one sees her and no one talks to her and no one touches her and says stupid things. No one even thinks about her. And she doesn’t think about anyone. …I want to stay down here in the fuzzy green, not thinking about anyone…but my lungs ache and my head hurts and I can’t help pulling myself up through the water and gulping air.

I could see this book winning the Newbery.