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On Monday morning, I made my way to White Pine Library Cooperative for a board meeting — unfortunately, we didn’t have enough members present for a quorum, but we talked shop which I thoroughly enjoyed. There’s nothing like being a newbie in a room filled with over 100 years of collective field experience. I felt like a kid in a candy shop — better yet: a nerd girl in a bookstore! Loved the time with my colleagues.

Having a friend who grew up in Saginaw and has now asked a couple of times if I’ve ever visited Zauel Memorial Library, I figured I should probably stop by. Besides…when have I ever based up an opportunity to visit a library and get new ideas? I can add Zauel to the list of Michigan libraries that I’ve toured. (Now that I think of it, I should probably post my list.)

I did my customary pictures of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This library is extra awesome because they had FIVE copies.

hermionish.zauel.f451a hermionish.zauel.f451bSomeone on their staff is artsy. Loved this! I should scope out Pinterest and figure out how they made it!

hermionish.zauel.craftyI’m digging these labels on some of their AV materials — I think it could help avoid some of the confusions with patrons: some DVDs check out for free, but they have late fees associated them if they aren’t returned on time. At DPL, the fine is $1.00 per day.

hermionish.zauel.latefee I really digged how Zauel used labels to organize their back issues of periodicals. If there’s a request, pulling the right magazine would be quick and painless.

hermionish.zauel.periodicalsMy library isn’t big enough to devote an area for award books, but if it was…you can bet that I’d have an award book collection! I found some Newbery and Caldecott spines in a drawer and recently asked staff to track down our award winners.

hermionish.zauel.awardbooks1 hermionish.zauel.awardbooks2Both Zauel and Caro Area District Library have parenting collections — it’s something that I would like to do here.