I’m lying here…mulling library things over while listening to the German breathe.

As I was finishing up library school, I held the opinion that those wishing to enter the profession of librarianship should take an oath at an official hooding ceremony prior to commencement.

Pretty hardcore, I know.

Confession: I still hold that opinion.

I realize that every profession has bullshit, but I need to give the field of librarianship extra kudos because I feel like I need waders, at times. Especially right now.

I realize that not everyone will follow a Code of Ethics or even adhere to a basic standard of human decency. That has become apparent to me these past few months.

Can one even call themselves a “librarian” while failing at every single one of the principles mentioned in the Code of Ethics and flagrantly ignoring the 5 Laws of Library Science by doing whatever they feel like doing in the library?

Would I be a hypocrite if I don’t consider that person a librarian?